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Honor Roll

In October of 2007 Steve Armstrong O'Sensei was inducted into the NAS-DA Honor Roll. Armstrong O'Sensei served three hitches in the United States Marine Corps. Then after leaving the Corps he opened an Isshin-Ryu Karate Dojo in Tacoma, Washington where he taught traditional Okinawan karate-do for over three decades to hundreds of children and adults in the greater Puget Sound Region. Armstrong O'Sensei also promoted and hosted the Seattle Open Karate Championship for many years in the Pacific Northwest, an event that attracted competitors form all over the United States as well as several other countries as well.

Armstrong O'Sensei

Todd O'Sensei

In January 2008 Walter Todd O'Sensei was inducted into the NASA Honor Roll. Todd O'Sensei was a well recognized martial arts pioneer in the United States and taught not only Shudokan Karate-Do but also Judo and Aikido. Over and above his martial arts knowledge and experience Todd O'Sensei was a very interesting personality who demonstrated great compassion and humility when dealing with others. He also had a wonderful sense of humor which he often used while instructing others in the martial arts he loved so much.

Photo Ortman.jpg

Richard Ortman

Marine Corps combat veteran Richard Ortman of Mobile, Alabama served in the Vietnam War back in 1969 as a grunt with Mike Company 3/1.  During a night time fire fight up on Dialoc Pass he and another Marine named Jim Brundage did a machine gun assault against a Viet Cong unit that had their platoon pinned down! This amazing act of valor caused the Viet Cong unit to cease fire and retreat which saved the lives of nearly 30 fellow Marines including our association's President Jim Curtis O'Sensei. Please note that these two Heroes were never honored for this act of valor while they were still alive so now we are trying to honor both of them with the Bronze Star Medal!

LTG "Chesty" Puller

During his long military career Lt Gen "Chesty" Puller was awarded 5 Navy Cross Medals for combat action and to this day he remains the most decorated Marine in the history of the United States Marine Corps.

"Chesty" is also considered the Marine's Marine by Leathernecks of all ages and it is still quite common for Marines to call out "GOOD NIGHT CHESTY PULLER WHERE EVER YOU ARE !" before hitting the bunk each night. And those Marines that had the privilege of serving in combat with him continue to say they would have followed "Chesty" anywhere!

Lt Gen "Chesty" Puller has been an inspiration to thousands of Marines over the years and as a result he was awarded an Honorary Black Belt by the North American Self-Defense Association, which is on display in a small museum outside of the Parris Island Marine Corps Recruit Depot.

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